Reasons to outsource your writing

Writing content is something that is unavoidable in today’s information age. Whether you’re a corporate, a small business, or a blogger; somewhere along the line you’re going to need content of some kind. Perhaps for a website, perhaps for the press, perhaps for a blog, email campaign or brochure.

Whatever the case may be, there are some clear reasons to outsource this part of your to-do list to enable you to pay attention to that which you are most skilled at.


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  1. You are your own worst enemy: Being too close to your subject matter can actually be quite the stumbling block to putting pen to paper. You get caught up in the tiniest details causing you to spend hours formulating one or two paragraphs.
  2. No time: The biggest reason why most people put content creation on the back burner is because they ‘don’t have time’. Apart from that being a huge lost opportunity, it’s actually a no-brainer: Outsource it, stop worrying about it, and still reap the benefits!
  3. Unfortunately, not everyone can write: Or perhaps fortunately… otherwise lots of writers and editors wouldn’t have jobs 😉 It seems like such an easy task, but the truth is that even good writers struggle to write sometimes. Why torture yourself if you’re not naturally good with words? Unnecessary, friend.
  4. Writing for the audience: Another bonus of outsourcing your writing is that professional writers are trained to write in various voices that will appeal to various audience groups.
  5. Writing for SEO: Most professional writers will always write with SEO in mind. This means that you not only get good, relevant copy, but also copy that’s optimised for search engines. #winning

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